If you have a venue that needs acoustical treatment, sound reinforcement, lighting and  video equipment installed, I can provide the service of bringing the best of all those entities together... or I can draft a bid specification document to suit your construction needs.

When it comes to live production management, I'm the guy that assures your event happens without a hitch. I currently provide Production Management services at the House of Hope Arena, Chicago, IL, and at the Country Club Hills Ampitheater in Country Club Hills, IL. 

Having provided live sound engineering for concerts and worldwide tours for several years, I'm proficient on most digital consoles, but partial to the Avid Profile. I've toured the world providing such services to many recording artists, and for houses of worship, such at the Potter's House and Fellowship Church, in Dallas Texas, as I'm currently the Director of Audio and Technical Production at the 10,000 seat House of Hope Arena in Chicago, IL.

                                SOUND DESIGN

This is an often misunderstood discipline, because it means a couple of different things, depending upon your production. If we're talking about film, as the sound designer, I'm the guy who provides the sound effects and elements and the editing of those sound elements, and setting them up for the mix. Those elements include foley, dialogue, music. 
Please visit my IMDB page for a list of my accomplishments in providing sound 
design and editing for film:

In theater, Sound Design is also related to applying the proper equipment in the venue, to fit the production values of the event in that venue. For example, in a theatrical play you may have actors in a lavaliere  or headworn micorphone, and your requirements might also encompass surround sound dynamics.

I'll take care of that for you.


Kirk Denson is an Emmy Nominated Sound Design/Editor for film and a Sound Engineer and Production Manager for live events. Born on Long Island, New York, Kirk and grew up with people like the guys
from the R&B group "Cameo", and icons like Gospel Music singer Donnie McClurkin, and the actor Janet DuBois. In the early years Kirk always had an interest in the technical side of entertainment. Schools, 
such as "Full Sail" didn't exist, so he learned from being in the environment of music and film professionals. 
Throughout Kirk's career he has worked for some of the most notable names in entertainment, including Stevie Wonder, Kirk Franklin, Cameo, Kool & The Gang, and Yolanda Adams, to name a few. 
Eventually, he was invited to an intership at Lucas Film, Ltd. in Marin County, California which led to a full time job offer as a Sound Editor at Skywalker Sound. As an intern at Lucas, Kirk got to work on 
films like Monsters, Inc. and he earned an Emmy nomination for Sound Editing Music and Sound Effects on the first film he worked on. 

From years of touring the world, Kirk's live sound experience, and his sound design and sound editing for film experience turned into a passion for giving back to historically underserved communities, similar the one he grew up in. That passion to serve others led him to create a nonprofit to teach teens what happens "behind the scenes" in music and film production.  The Mobile Educational Multimedia Studio [] was created for the purpose of "giving underserved youth a voice, while exposing them to an arts education". Kirk often says that "youth can only aspire to what they've been exposed".


The MEMa Studio is a nonprofit organization committed to exposing underserved youth to an arts education in a recording studio on wheels, housing state-of-the-art music and film technology.

On the road program, while participating in a 1-3 day program, students will have valuable hands on experience in all areas of audio and film production, as well as instruction in ergonomics, studio etiquette and professionalism. Teens  will gain self esteem, create new friendships and have learning experiences which will help see them through to the next phase of their music & arts education.

The Program connects students with industry professionals to conduct music, video production, and career skills workshops, through a program called "Tech-Kno Camp". The spring semester of Tech-Kno Camp 2015 is currently running in conjunction with After School Matters - a non-profit organization that offers Chicago high school teens innovative out-of-school activities through Science, Sports, Tech, Words and the nationally recognized Gallery programs.
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